Cryptocurrency trading strategies
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We’ve discussed about crypto-trading previously and today we continue our talk!Happy
Let’s take a look at one of the methods given by trader Hacker Moon and explain everything in details.
What is this method about and how to implement it? The base of this trading method is lied in a very simple action - to store your coins. The trader considers storing the several types of coins for a long-term period while monitoring the market and selling other tokens the price of within a day started to increase and vice versa.Wink

The perform this type of trading is quite logical, right? However, you should understand and take into account that different exchanges trade different coins. And trade with various different crypto-exchanges, not just exchanges is pretty complex process and you have to be extra careful.
Most of crypto-exchanges such as Bitfinex, Binance, BitMEX and others, should be connected through connectors.


The StockSharp company developed a truly unique solution for traders, where each and single one can simply buy all required connectors in combination with our free trading platforms such as S#.Shell и S#.Designer give you a great opportunity simultaneously work with several crypto-exchanges! The use of this connection allows you to get all helpful tools and earn profit from growth of token market capitalization while the trading strategy itself don't take much of your time.Wink

This trading technique is very simple; besides, it will decrease your risks since you handle with changing assets during the day, sell higher and buy lower. In fact, a trader does a diversification of assets by savings redistribution.Ninja


Read more about our software programs to know and apply all possibilities and be able to fully manage your strategy by reducing risks and increasing profits.Love

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