The benefits of using a trading robot

The benefits of using a trading robot
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The use of trading robots nowadays is essential part of trading and its process. In today’s article we will explain all advantages and benefits along with successful approaches of using trading robots.


1) The trading robot itself can’t make a mistake but only if a trader made this mistake by creating this robot. For example by creating a trading robot with S#.API program, the user using tested and debugged libraries what makes the whole process of developing a trading robot way easier and the strategy itself is more stable. By placing an order, a correctly built a trading robot doesn't make any technical or syntactic errors, thus we don't face any failures and losses, as for example if the order has been placed manually.

2) A trading robot has a technical ability to track hundreds of quotes at once instantly react at market changes, make necessary calculations by operating with a large number of conditions and a big amount of information making the right decision correlating to the base algorithm. The API library allows you to create a robot whose speed of data processing makes it possible immediately take into account the trends and conditions of the market. Traders which don't use trading robots are forced to reduce the amount of trading tools, increase the use of time intervals (timeframes) and leave the idea of perspective but complex trading systems.

3) A trading robot doesn't have any psychological effect or influence, it works based on algorithm written in the code what makes it reliable and stable tool for placing orders and the whole trading process.

4) Once you developed a trading robot then you don't have to spend days around the monitor rather let your advisor to handle all the work and monitor 24/7 the whole trading process and put orders. Only what you need to do is manage conditions and strategy behavior by using a library.


5) Ease and simplicity of a program for creating robots - S#.Shell and stable libraries S#.API allows you to fill your trading strategy with additional features setting and installing new tools such as SMS notifications and remote control of trading systems.

We's explained some positive aspects of trading robots and in a next article we will analyse some disadvantages and try to reduce its impact on your trading strategy.

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