What is a trading robot?

Algo - Trading Robot

How often did you hear about trading robots or trading advisor in your life and didn't have any clue what all of it mean?
Let's talk about what trading robot means and it's basic concepts.
A trading algo or robot is a computer code and algorithm of actions that generate and execute sell and buy signals, in short words a set of coded commands. The program analyses the market and its movements and then robot put the orders and execute the proper trade.


In plain language, the trading robot brings the automation and perform trades removing psychological factor. Any trader can connect algo robots to trading platforms by using external modules. For example, trading robots created using the S#. API libraries can be easily connected and work with the S#.Designer program.
For trading on the exchange, trading robots are used everywhere, both by private and corporate traders.


Using algorithmic trading robots has pros and cons and traders should consider the risk of losing money therefore you always will find algo supporters as well as its opponents which prefer manual trading.

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