Algo trading software review

Read this article to find out more about tech companies developing software for algorithmic trading.
Let's make a quick review.

A TSLab company specialized in developing a popular trading software to work with Forex or stockbrokers. The software itself is a builder platform where you can design your own trading robot based on already built one. After a trial period you need to purchase the full version.
TSLab trade.png

Another software for algorithmic trading is WealthLab. It gives you an opportunity to create your trading strategy in C programming language. It has its own library that contains code.
WealthLab software.png

If you are more advanced user, there's a trading platform called R Studio. It has multiple language support along with wide range of functionality and allows you to build a highly complex trading model.
R-Studio trade.jpg

The StockSharp company combines the functionality of all of 3 platforms mentioned above.
Our products have great usability and a perfect interaction with each other what makes it a powerful tool for algo trading. Whether you come up with your own trading algorithm in C language and further integrate it in the Designer terminal in the form of a cube or simply write a code using our powerful library API, it's free to use and always will be. Data collection and transferring for analysis and testing can be implemented with one of our software programs called Hydra. It's also free, easy to both set up and use. Personal blend of trading tools, a large listing of brokers and a variety of different trading platforms along with features that let you directly connect to exchanges makes our products truly unique and innovative. For a full and more detailed list of products you can find on our website.

StockSharp trading software.png

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