connection error & unable to retrieve Market Data

connection error & unable to retrieve Market Data
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Hi there
i have installed S#.designer but i cant seem to make it work. it doesn't acquire market data and every time i press start button (after selecting preferred securities) it get stuck on "Loading Data. Wait" forever, plus i get lost of connection error (Studio Connection or something like that) all the time.
my next question is that is it possible to connect S#. Designer to other brokers such as FXTM?

Thank you in advance
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Thanks: Support

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Date: 6/26/2020

Historical data loading currently unavailable. We will provide fix in the next release.

We provide the following option for FX markets

1) OANDA (Native API)
2) LMAX (Native API)
3) FXCM (Native API)
4) MT4 (any broker)
5) FIX API (any broker, but adapted currently with LMAX, IBKR and DUKAS).

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