FAQ on Algorithmic trading. What is Algorithmic trading?

FAQ on Algorithmic trading. What is Algorithmic trading?

The concept of algorithmic trading there are two values:
- Algotrading -an automatic system that allows you to open trades within the created algorithm, without the participation of a trader;
- Algorithmic trading – a method of execution of a large order, in which the order is automatically divided into parts, and is submitted consistently according to the established rules.


In the first case, algorithms are needed to make a profit, using automatic market analysis and opening positions. Such algorithms have other names such as "trading robot" or "Advisor".
In the second case, the algorithm is used in order to simplify the work of the trader in manual trading when making transactions in large volumes.
StockSharp company pursuing its goal to facilitate the work of the trader and bring it to a higher and more profitable level, has developed several programs to help the trader in this.
Among these programs is S#.Designer.


It allows you to create trading robots for algorithmic trading.
Our company has created a program that will help the novice trader to create his strategy with the help of dice. In fact, it is a constructor that requires a trader only to understand the market and the developed strategy, which is quite simple to implement and implement in trading processes. More information about the program can be found on our website.

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