Interactive Brokers FAQ. INTERACTIVE BROKERS-who are they?

Interactive Brokers FAQ. INTERACTIVE BROKERS-who are they?

Interactive Brokers is the largest broker in the United States, based on the volume of average daily transactions with profit. Interactive Brokers is a leading electronic Forex broker.
Electronic brokers are focused on trading strategies or trading robots that work in the sector of trading with commodities [nerd], this allows us to say that this broker is among the five Prime brokers.
Interactive Brokers is fully regulated by the financial industry Regulatory authority, the securities and exchange Commission, the new York stock exchange, the financial conduct Authority, and other self-regulatory organizations.
To get the data, use the API connection via the IB TWS terminal.
To work with this program, StockSharp has created its own API library, which allows you to create your own connection.
What can this give the trader? There are several advantages:
-The fastest quotes
-The average receiving speed is 4 MS
- Work with real and demo accounts

Accordingly, the use of Interactive Brokers with the help of API libraries opens up new opportunities for the trader, allowing him to expand the expansion of his trading operations.

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