FAQ on Crypto trading. Сrypto trading what is it?

FAQ on Crypto trading. Сrypto trading what is it?

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Today we will consider a relatively young type of trade - Сrypto trading. What is the difference between cryptocurrency token trading and traditional trading? Traditional trading is, for example, trading in precious metals, currencies and stocks. The main difference between crypto trading and trading on the stock market is the high volatility of the exchange rate.[nerd]
Traders want to get a return of thousands of percent of the transaction, but in the stock market, such transactions are extremely rare, and the time of its occurrence is large enough, they buy shares of little-known companies in the hope of increasing capitalization, which is sometimes not feasible. Below is a graph of the change in the exchange rate of various exchange instruments for several years, which shows how much the exchange rate of cryptocurrency is changing, which allows you to earn more.


In Crypto trading, fast trades with high returns are quite common. Crypto trading has the greatest similarity with Forex trading. Here, too, the value of currencies is volatile, and stock speculators earn by selling more expensive cryptocurrency and buying cheaper.
Different strategies and opportunities can be used to work in the cryptocurrency market. The Designer program, for example, offers a trading solution by building its profitable strategy.


Anyone, even a novice trader, can build his robot with the help of cubes responsible for the trading algorithm. Built-in capabilities for debugging strategies on different markets, with the ability to trade on several platforms at once, make it an indispensable tool. More information about all the products of our company can be found on our website.

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