FAQ on FIX Protocol. FIX message transmission system

FAQ on FIX Protocol. FIX message transmission system

FIX Protocol is a mechanism of trade data exchange. The system itself consists of two data streams: incoming and outgoing, presented in the form of messages (administrative and user).


The process of interaction between the dealer and the end broker is carried out in the extranet, in which the two information systems exchange FIX messages Nerd. According to the FIX Protocol, messages are processed, followed by their transfer to the order management system, from which they become available to the broker.
Scheme of interaction of two information systems by means of FIX


The trader connects to the exchange via the Internet. To create a connection , the trader and the exchange exchange information about IP addresses and ports through which data is exchanged, as well as add exceptions to the firewall.
The FIX message itself contains the name of the party receiving the message and the party transmitting it, so there is no possible substitution or tracking of messages.
To guarantee the confidentiality of the transmitted information, use SSL / TSL encryption.


This type of encryption allows you to use the simplest way to decrypt the Laugh data that comes on the FIX Protocol and sent it


Using this method of data transmission, not only speeds up the work and increases the amount of data transmitted Laugh, but guarantees the safety of work. Our company offers connectors for high-frequency trading, which provide both of these parameters, allowing trouble-free operation in the market. Detailed description and cost of connectors is presented on our page.

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