FAQ on FIX Protocol. Scope of FIX Protocol.

FAQ on FIX Protocol. Scope of FIX Protocol.

FIX Protocol has found great application among traders, let's look at why.
Financial Information Exchange, it stands as an abbreviation FIX.


That translates to sharing financial information.
It is designed for financial markets, for the purpose of high-speed transmission of a huge amount of data. Today it is used by most of the participants of the financial market, establishing communication between information systems, is the standard of interaction in the financial market.Nerd


FIX API or FIX Protocol has a number of indisputable advantages:

- the simplicity of the Protocol architecture allows a high frequency and a small time interval to transfer a large amount of data;
- since the FIX Protocol is one, the connection between the participants on it does not require a large amount of time;
- the Protocol provides a trader with its own trading system to be anonymous to those who are available operations;
- the Protocol has a large number of specialized tools, in particular-a standardized language in which market participants communicate.
- if you have FIX API, you can use limit orders FOK and IOC. To avoid slippage, the deal is either opened at your price, or simply does not open, the price does not slide.

FIX API allows you to design your trading systems, such as the "black box" of algorithmic trading, they are able to receive a huge amount of information from a huge number of different resources, making decisions based on the received informationLaugh. All this allows the process of obtaining and analyzing information, as well as placing orders on the market via FIX API to take milliseconds.
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