FAQ on FIX Protocol. History of creation

FAQ on FIX Protocol. History of creation

The creation of the FIX Protocol, in 1992 , revolutionized the world of stock trading. The purpose of its creation was to make a convenient high-speed method of transmitting and receiving exchange information of large volume, between trading participants, as a replacement for trading via the phone, prevailing at the time.
To date, the FIX Protocol is supported by most of the largest exchanges in the world.


Since the creation of the FIX Protocol, a lot of time has passed, and during this period the information trading network is constantly improved, along with it and improved the Protocol itself.Nerd

Throughout this time, new functionality was added to the FIX Protocol, support for new tool classes appeared.

Now the most widely used Protocol is FIX 4.4, but the latest version of the Protocol is FIX 5.0. the Protocol itself exists in two syntaxes, XML (second name FIXML) and key - value. It should be said that the Protocol is divided into 3 levels - transport, session, application.


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