The remote manager module
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Hello dear friends! Today we are announcing a new software module from StockSharp - a remote manager.
As the name implies, it is intended for remote control of applications based on S#.API, for example, created on the basis of our other program S#.Shell

The module allows you to remotely connect to S#.Shell or your own robots using the FIX protocol monitor and control them.
Let's see how it looks like

  • connection to the server:

  • displaying strategies available on the server

  • adding and monitoring strategies on the server

  • sending custom commands


The module will be useful to all algorithmic traders who have several bots, especially if they are located on a remote server.
With the help of our module, you can configure, manage and control your robots from one program from your computer.

The core things:

  • the remote manager separately costs only199$
  • S#.Shell and the remote manager costs 590$
  • The complete training course includes: video-lessons, S#.Shell, the remote manager, 6 month support, the extended license and costs only 990$

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