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ZERICH Capital Management Investment Company in its activity relies on the following beliefs:
- transparency;
- functionality;
- customer orientation.
The main objective of the investment company is to promote private and institutional investors to achieve a new level of stock exchange trades efficiency.

The company achieves this through its experience in the investment market, the advanced trading and information technologies. JSC IC ZERICH Capital Management provides the clients regardless of their financial capabilities for the speed and accuracy of fulfillment of obligations.

The Investment Company in its activity adheres to the strategy of independent and qualified decision making based on modern methods, taking into account the restrictions imposed by the risk management system.

It is important for the company to ensure customers the performance and practicality of conducting business. The Investment Company considers that the most important performance indicator is the Client satisfaction with the partnership with it.

Benefits of opening an account with the Zerich broker through StockSharp:

• The fee is from 0.15 rubles per trade.
• Rates with fixed fees for active traders.
• The possibility of reduced collateral.
• Unified cash position.

Foreign and Exchange Market:

• Direct access to the London Stock Exchange with the possibility of installing a server in London, on the M1 intermediate server or Zerich data center (for customers of more than 1,000,000 rubles).
• Access to the ETF in more than 90 stock markets in 19 countries.
• Access to MICEX Currency Section with the ability to withdraw funds in dollars and euros!

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