Tinkoff connector. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
N: 1172
v5.0.39 (6/23/2024)
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Connector Description:
The Tinkoff connector allows StockSharp users to integrate their trading accounts on the Tinkoff platform for data retrieval and trade execution. With this connector, you can link your brokerage accounts and use them for automated trading and market analysis.

Available Data:
- Real-time stock quotes
- Historical stock data
- Trading volumes
- Company financial reports
- News and events affecting the market

Connector Capabilities:
- Retrieving market data for analysis and strategy building
- Automated trade execution
- Portfolio management and monitoring
- Analyzing financial reports and news for informed decision-making

Supported Markets:
- Russian stock market (Moscow Exchange)
- International markets via available Tinkoff Investments instruments

The Tinkoff connector provides full access to data and trading capabilities on Russian and international markets. This solution allows traders and investors to automate their strategies and respond promptly to market changes.

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