Author: Солид
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Joint Stock Company Investment and Finance Company "Solid" was established in 1993 and currently provides professional services in the field of brokerage and depository services, asset management and financial advisory services.
JSC IFC "Solid" is known as an active participant of the stock market. The company is consistently one of the leading positions among the largest Russian brokers in terms of trade turnover, committed on different stock exchanges.
Since 1996 it is in the ranks of the National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR).

Among domestic and foreign professional participants of securities market JSC IFC "Solid" has a reputation of a reliable partner, confirmed by the National Rating Agency (NRA).
JSC IFC "Solid" interdepository established correspondent relations with the Central Depository (NSD), in the group "Moscow Exchange", which allows customers to JSC IFC "Solid" to carry out stock transactions on the leading stock markets of the Russian Federation. Depositary JSC IFC "Solid" is the repository, meets all the requirements that allows you to receive for safekeeping non-issue documentary securities (promissory note, certificate of deposit), as well as provide services for domiciliation of bills regional issuers.
More than 12 years JSC IFC "Solid" provides annual coverage depositary risks in 2011 - LLC "Renaissance Insurance Group."

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