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Who are we
We are working since 1995
More than 72,000 customers have chosen the Otkrytie company, and the total volume of the Otkrytie financial group client operations on the Moscow Stock Exchange exceeded 18 trillion rubles in 2015
Otkrytie Broker is the leader in the growth of new customers in 2015 among the leading market players
The company is multiple winner of professional competitions and awards

The maximum reliability rating is AAA, which is confirmed from 2010
It is member of the Otkrytie group – Russia's largest private financial group
22 branch offices and 37 partner companies in Russia

Opening a brokerage account in the office takes about 30 minutes
Personal investment adviser works with a client throughout the service period
Brokerage services on foreign exchanges through a licensed Russian broker
About 85% of operations are made through a convenient personal online area
Customers can give "voice" instructions at telephone number 8 800 500 99 66


Customers receive latest market information from the Interfax news feed in the QUIK trading terminal
Trading trainer helps customers to analyze and improve the trading strategy
If necessary, technical support specialists remotely configure clients’ trading terminals
78% of our investment ideas generate profits for customers in 2015

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