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Author: Optimus Futures
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At Optimus Trading Group, we recognize that a stable and extensible platform such as StockSharp takes time, talent, and expertise to build. With this in mind, we wanted to pair StockSharp with easy access to support and stable, low-latency execution. It is our belief that high-caliber platforms such as StockSharp deserve quality data and swift execution to make the most out of a trader’s options. As such we are proud to offer the Rithmic data feed which delivers unfiltered tick data for a clear view of market data and a low-latency order routing infrastructure.

Why Does Speed of Execution Matter? Pending orders such a Limit or Stop orders rest in queue for that specific price point waiting to be filled. A low-latency order gateway can be crucial in gaining a preferential spot in the order queue. The farther up your order is in the queue — the more likely it is to get filled. A one second interval in trading can seem like an eternity, so most time frames for order entry are discussed in terms of Milliseconds(1/1000 of a second) or even Microseconds. Professional traders ‘fight’ algorithmic traders who place trades via high speed dedicated server co-located on the CME Exchange. What is your edge?

Introducing Rithmic! Whether you are a small-cap retail trader, a prop shop member, or a professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formally seen only on large trading houses and boutique hedge funds. Tick-to-trade times of less than 250µs (Quarter of a Millisecond). Please contact us at general@optimusfutures.com to get assistance with a 30 day demo for StockSharp. THERE IS A SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS IN FUTURES TRADING. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

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