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The Finam investment holding founded in 1994. The Finam holding is one of the largest brokers in Russia. Finam total turnover on the Moscow Stock Exchange exceeded 7 trillion rubles at year-end 2012. The holding representatives operating in 90 cities of Russia. The holding members are CJSC FINAM, the Finam Management company, the FINAM GLOBAL investment fund, the WhoTrades Ltd. company, Bank of FINAM, the FINAM Training Center, Finam LLC ( and other units. This allows the holding to provide the widest range of investment services. Over the years, the FINAM holding divisions repeatedly won the prestigious awards Financial Olympus, Financial Elite of Russia, Stock Market Elite, Basis of Growth.
FINAM clients have access to broker services in all major global markets, funds trust management, investing in the Forex market and a a great number of free services:
• Remote management services (EDS)
• Tools for fundamental analysis
• Tools for technical analysis
• WhoTrades – Social network for traders
• Consulting and Analytical Center
Also, holding pursues an active policy in the field of direct investments in the purchase of high-tech projects. Several mutual funds formed within the holding, providing services for asset management, management of pension funds and reserves.
The FINAM company provides a complete process of customer service from the account opening throughout the customer activities by investing its assets. Service includes:
• A large number of technology solutions and software for trading
• Attractive rates and fees
• Technical and customer support for any questions related to the investment
• Education within the framework of services provided by the Training Center
• Full-featured site with lots of auxiliary services
The possibility of opening a demo account is available for beginning traders, but self-confident investors can quickly open the "combat" account. The possibility to obtain a demo access through Stock#.
Information on high-speed connection options available in the Special Software section. For traders who use algorithmic methods, connection via Transaq Connector to the Transaq ITS servers is possible, including using third-party software, for example, Stock#. Currently, there are about 1,000 Transaq Connector users. And more than 3,000 customers use automatic trading systems based on the receiving and execution of automatic signals from successful traders.

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