Author: StockSharp
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v5.0.165 (7/4/2024)
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FatBTC is a small secure blockchain exchange with main audience from China. Its interface supports two languages - Chinese and English. The exchange has low liquidity and almost no information about the founders of the exchange and their addresses.

S#.FatBTC connector is developed and stands for communication and exchanging data between both FatBTC cryptocurrency exchange and S# programs: S#.Data, S#.Terminal, S#.Designer, S#.Shell. It is fully compatible with our S#.API such as other custom software based on it.

Its features and functionality:

- Connection to FatBTC and receiving all the data it needs for the trade such as price, volume, order book, etc.
- Portfolio Status Update
- Get historical data for cryptocurrencies
- Get the status of your order and its execution
- A list of functions provided by API

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