StockSharp offers its clients a wide range of cloud services designed to enhance efficiency and simplify processes in financial market trading:

  1. Cloud backtester: This service addresses the challenge of finding and acquiring historical market data by providing a convenient tool for testing trading strategies on historical data.
  2. Cloud optimizer: Offers capabilities for finding optimal parameters for trading strategies using genetic algorithms and exhaustive search methods, significantly improving their effectiveness.
  3. Telegram robots: A convenient solution for managing strategies deployed on virtual servers through the Telegram messenger, ensuring timely control and management.
  4. Strategy Uploading: The service allows sharing strategies among team members, facilitating collaborative work and knowledge exchange within the group.
  5. Product Offering: Every platform client has the opportunity to offer their own products to all StockSharp clients, thereby expanding their market reach and collaborative possibilities.

These services are designed to provide traders and investors with all the necessary tools for effective market operations, from backtesting and strategy optimization to real-time management and collaborative project work.