The S#.Designer new release - live trading the reality!

The S#.Designer new release - live trading the reality!
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Friends! The S#.Designer new version has been released.

We can say certainly that this version is most functional. There are many new features, different flavors and capabilities for each trader!
We ourselves can not wait to tell you about all the changes, let’s go:
1. The code editor in C#. Write part or even the whole strategy in C#, and Designer will act as a GUI. Nothing could be easier.

2. One’s own block – one’s own logic. We are often asked at conferences and in the comments: "Can I write my own block, describe my frequently used task?" Before, we could not say yes, but in the new version of Designer it is possible! It is enough to write your own Dll and that’s all! Your personal block is ready.

3. ETFs? Do you want your own index? And do you want to trade them like one security? We know what you want, because it is very important functionality for the competent trader: "portfolio" yield may correspond to a particular security return, but its variation can be several times lower. Create your index (portfolio), and then trade it as a single instrument! It’s conveniently!

4. Options! For those who like it hot! Designer now supports options and algorithmic option strategies, market-making and delta-hedging. Now you can sell or buy a strangle, butterfly, condor, and then get income from the value time decay or volatility of the underlying asset!

5. Instruments are in one place! All oriented to work with instruments starting with history download, storage operating and finishing with a single instrument editing is in one place. Everything is available and conveniently!

6. The real connection! In conclusion, the highlight of the show – the possibility of live trading. Connect to the market, get information on the instruments, download history, make trades, write strategies, make money – all this in the new S#.Designer.

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