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The S# community unites a great number of users. Some of them have been using our programs for a long time, while others have joined recently and often face with some minor problems. And even these difficulties are small enough, however beginners might have some challenges to overcome them. Unfortunately, our team not always can be fast in solving problem of every user, so we launched this new project.

S#.Freelance is developed to address this lack of knowledge by asking help from our community as well as provide custom solutions. Now you can publish your questions, project of technical specification for a robot, a request for connector etc, further you declare the amount you ready to pay for solving your problem and find the one who will help you. This participant can be anyone: other S# user who already had some related experience, the S# team or a professional user. Every of you can request and receive help. Also, each one can help others and earn some money.

As we mentioned above, the S# team will also participate. We will answer your question about critical part of developing our platform, updates, and changes, and provide other assistance. We also ensure you that you will get the paid service and all required payments. We truly hope this service will satisfy our user needs and brings some benefits for all of us.

Find the instruction below:

Posting a message:

Before proceeding to declaring the amount, you must post a message with the text of the task or request on our forum. After that, you will have the opportunity to either declare the amount (how to do this, read below) and ask for paid help from the community, or leave the field empty, which will lead to the usual publication of the message.

Declare amount:

In lower right corner of written message there is a field and a button: “Declare”. In this field you must point the amount you willing to pay for the solution of defined problem or implementation of your project (the core of the problem should be described in the messages).
There are several significant points we need to mention:

  1. You are not obliged to declare anything. Leave the field blank and the message will simply be posted as before.
  2. The amount declaration only means your willingness to pay for the solution of your problem. You don't need to pay anything at the time of declaring.
  3. Be aware right away that there is a system commission that is 15% of the total declared amount and it is charged more than the payment. For example, you declare 100$. The total amount to be paid will be 115$. (+ 15%)

The amount of money has been declared, step further

As soon as the amount has been declared, it is displayed in the message and is visible for other users who may be interested to help to you. Consider the following factors:

  1. Participants will answer you within the relevant topic, try to clarify all possible nuances and details before making a deal.
  2. The declared amount can be changed. Just cancel the current one and assign a new one. This can be useful if you find an Executor at a different price from the previously announced price.

Hired agent

After you have come to an agreement and decided on an Executor, choose one. For this there is a button "Select as Executor".

  1. It becomes impossible to choose another artist
  2. There is an opportunity to deposit the previously declared amount. To do this, click on the "Top up" button in your message and select a payment method.
  3. After payment, a message on your behalf about successful payment will be published in the topic.

Order fulfilment

As soon as you received confirmed payment and showed the deposited amount, the Executor will start to work. To do this, in the message body, the Executor confirms the start of the order by clicking the "Start work" button.
The corresponding message on his behalf is also published in the topic, and a notification will be sent to the customer by e-mail.
Attention! If the Executor has not confirmed the start of work within 1 (one) business day from the date of funds reservation, the specified NOT confirmation may be the basis for refunding funds to the Customer!
After the executor completes the order, he clicks the "Job completed" button, which is also in the message body.
Clicking this button opens the opportunity for the customer to complete the payment.

Completion of payment

After receiving a notification from the Executor about the completion of the work, the customer receives two options: to pay the agreed amount to the Executor, or to request a refund, thereby initiating a dispute (if the work was performed poorly or not).
If the confirmed amount is paid, it goes to the balance of the hired Executor and will be displayed in personal account on the StockSharp website.
In the case of a refund request, a dispute will be initiated, where StockSharp company will be involved. For the fairest consideration of the case, it is imperative that all negotiations and delivery of the work result be carried out through the appropriate forum topic.
Attention! If the Customer has neither paid the confirmed amount nor initiated a refund within 7 days, his account may be temporarily suspended. If the situation remains the same within 15 days, we assumed that the Customer is satisfied with the quality of work and the funds are to be paid to theExecutor!

Service commissions:

  1. When creating a paid project and booking funds, a one-time commission is charged from the Customer in the amount of 15% of the amount.
  2. The following commissions are charged from the Contractor

    • Service when paying remuneration
      - Payment of the first €500 is carried out with a commission of 20%
      - € 500 - € 6,000 - 10%
      - Over € 6,000 - 7.5%
    • Commissions of payment system expenses
      - Credit card - 4%
      - QIWI - 4%
      - SEPA - 20 euro
      - BTC - 1%
      - ETH - 1%
    • Currency conversion fee - 2.5%. (payment in cryptocurrency is also considered a conversion)

To pay, the Contractor must write a message to info@stocksharp.com with a corresponding request indicating the payment method and payment details. After confirming the amount of commissions and agreeing with them, the payment is made within 24 hours.