Am I really need to open an account? The answer is here. StockSharp

Can I use your platform without opening an account?

Of course, you can. All our apps can work with any broker in any country (and any market[laugh]).

So, why then do I open an account using your form?

There are exactly two advantages:

1) Some part of your commission goes to us (cause we are brokerage's agent). We put this "money" on the site (the balance is available in your profile).

For example, if you have the following, 63066ba54339c8bb4006cb6e857dd8d1.png, then you are available $830 for any purchases.

You can use this "money" and pay in any our services - training, HFT connectors, support and even robots (our and our users).

2) If you are a wealth client, your broker will contact us every time you have questions. And we will help you. Just because of you wealthy!

Is that so simple!?

Yes, we do not have hidden or secret commissions. Open an account via us - is not mandatory! But, you see, our offer is much better!

We wish you good trading!