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Author: YuryB
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v1.0.0 (5/17/2024)
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The cryptocurrency arbitrage strategy for BTC and ETH is designed for trading two popular cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This strategy is based on identifying arbitrage opportunities between these two assets, allowing traders to capitalize on moments when the price difference between BTC and ETH reaches a certain threshold.


The strategy implements mechanisms for buying one cryptocurrency while simultaneously selling another, aiming to profit from temporary discrepancies in their values. This makes the strategy appealing for those looking for earning opportunities from minimal market fluctuations without being tied to the general market trend.

Strategy Installation

To activate and use this strategy, Designer must be installed. The strategy is available for download and installation from the strategy gallery. This allows for easy integration and customization of the strategy according to individual trader requirements.

It is important to test the strategy on historical data to assess its effectiveness and potential risks before applying it on the real market. This will help determine optimal parameters for the threshold of price discrepancies and capital management.

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