Author: StockSharp

S#.WealthLab provides integration of Wealth-Lab, a modern platform for developing and testing algo strategies, with Interactive Brokers, Blackwood, Forex via Lmax and all Russian brokers that use Quik, SmartCOM, Alfa-Direct, Plaza II, or Transaq.

How to get S#.WealthLab:
if you have any questions about buying S#.WealthLab, please contact us

Thanks to full integration with S#.Data, you will easily get historical data for testing your algo strategies.
You will have easy access to a huge amount of historical data.

Features of S#.WealthLab:
  • Get historical data via S#.Data
  • Automatically place orders via any supported terminal
  • Monitor the status of your orders
  • Get real-time data via S#.API
  • Get information on existing assets and open positions

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