We are starting synthetic arbitrage
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Hello, dear fiend!

Our second crypto crowd reaches new highs, and we are again finishing tasks ahead of schedule!

Welcome new crypto connector - Binance! Published and available for download (link grant access only for crowd investors!).

Today we start new connector CEX.IO. Conditions are the same like in the first crowd campaign - low prices at the beginning, highest pricing at the end. Sp today the connector available only for $100 invest. After tomorrow - $1000.

And now the most important news - we begin to develop our first algorithm of this campaign - Synthetic arbitrage.


The algorithm estimates the price convergence / divergence of the crypto currency based on the chain of pairs BTC/LTC/ETH/DOGE/BCC/*/*/*/*/*/*/BTС. The robot picks pairs automatically! Set the maximum length of the chain only - the robot will do the rest!

One time invest for the synthetic arbitrage $1000 today. After tomorrow - $2000.

We really-really appreciate for your support, and will continue to develop and improve the crypto-direction of our entire platform.

Are you a investor of the first round? You have 30% discouns (email us to get more details).

Have any questions? E-mail us info@stocksharp.com


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Training Donator
Date: 4/4/2018

do you have an approximate date for the official realise of the new bot ?

Mikhail Sukhov

Articles author Programmer Trader
Date: 4/6/2018

Estimated time for connectors - 1-week development.
For an algo - 3-4 weeks.
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