Author: StockSharp
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🎉🎉 IT Dev : Suitable for traders or programmers who work freelance and create trading robots for sale to others. 🎉🎉

👉 S#.API : All our StockSharp products are based on S#.API

👉 S#.Designer: For using in Strategies creating by mouse without any coding. It supports connecting to all markets and connection types such as LMAX, Rithmic, Oanda, Binance, Interactive Brokers and many others.

👉 S#.Terminal: a Trading charting application ( Trading terminal ) with powerful trading tools available with many connections such as Oanda, FXCM, QuantFEED, Binance etc.

👉 S#.Data ( Hydra ): is a software for automatically downloading, storing, sharing history and real-time market data. A wide selection of market sources such as Yahoo Finance, LMAX, DukasCopy, etc. included.

👉 S#.History market data : This can download historical market data, such as S#.Finam, S#.BinanceHistory, S#.Google Finance, etc.

👉 Cryto, Forex, Stocks : Only demo trading of our products from Crypto, Forex, and Stocks.

👉 HFT/DMA : a connection to do the fast real trading on markets (HFT) using direct market access from internet or exchange co-location as well as to download historical and real time market data. Only demo access from exchanges supported.

👉 License bind : To machine only.

S#.Shell,S#.MatLab and Education are not included in our free products.
❎ You can purchase any additional products at regular prices.
❎ Without Store discount (excluding paid sources)
❎ Without Paid sources discount
❎ Without any support from us in case of problems.

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