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🎉🎉 Corporate : Suitable for large companies doing investment business, algorithmic trading companies, to whom we will provide a connection for direct market access without a broker🎉🎉

👉 API : All our StockSharp products are based on API

👉 Designer: For using in Strategies creating by mouse without any coding. It supports connecting to all markets and connection types such as LMAX, Rithmic, Oanda, Binance, Interactive Brokers and many others.

👉 Terminal: a Trading charting application ( Trading terminal ) with powerful trading tools available with many connections such as Oanda, FXCM, QuantFEED, Binance etc.

👉 Hydra ( Hydra ): is a software for automatically downloading, storing, sharing history and real-time market data. A wide selection of market sources such as Yahoo Finance, LMAX, DukasCopy, etc. included. Under this subscription you can download Candles, Level1, Ticks, Market Depths and Order Log data.

👉 Shell: will help you quickly write and test robots. This only requires an algorithm from you. The product is provided with full source codes, so you can change it according your needs.

👉 MatLab: Designed for traders developing algorithms within MatLab.

👉 S#.History market data : This can download historical market data, such as S#.Finam, S#.BinanceHistory, S#.Google Finance, etc.

👉 Runner : A lightweight mini-utility for launching ready-made strategies for live mode. It can be placed on VPS hosting and be controlled through Telegram. It works with all connections available in S#. Strategy schemes and strategies based on code can be launched in Runner.

👉 Cryto, Forex, Stocks : Including all of our products from Crypto, Forex, and Stocks.

👉 HFT/DMA: a connection to do the fast real trading on markets (HFT) using direct market access from internet or exchange co-location as well as to download historical and real time market data.

👉 License bind: Any number of machines.

👉 Education : Including all of StockSharp Educational courses.

👉 Store discount (excluding paid sources) : All our products 20%.

👉 Support : With Emails from us in case of problems.

👉 Paid sources discount: 10% from the next year.

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